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20 March 2021
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07 March 2021

ProfileTrends Solid

ProfileTrendsTM Solid report – a comprehensive analysis of the profile of consumers of a product category or a specific product/ service. In addition to socio-demographic profile, which is represented in the report ProfileTrends Short, full report includes an analysis of media preferences, lifestyle and psychographic characteristics of consumers. This psychographic analysis refers to the mental model of the consumer and provides a deeper understanding of consumer behavior in the context of the consumer life cycle.

A standard report is delivered in the form of presentation (PDF format) and consists of 50-60 slides (depending on product category) with diagrams, comments and brief conclusions. It is also possible to provide data in tables.

The report includes 4 sections.

Section 1. Socio-demographic profile. Category consumers are compared to the total population of Ukraine by the following parameters: gender, age, income (personal and family), type of settlement and region of residence, employment status, education, marital status, presence of children.


Section 2. Consumer lifestyle. Analysis ofthe habits, leisure activities, involvement in sports, mobile usage of a product category consumers compared to the total population of Ukraine.

Section 3. Media preferences, attitudes toward advertising and media.  Analysis of consumers’ habits in reading printed media, Internet usage, TV watching and radio listening in comparison to the habits of the total population of Ukraine. Study of the attitudes toward media and advertising.

Section 4. Psychographic segmentation, motivations, attitudes and lifestyles. Psychographic segmentation is based on the level of respondents' agreement with various statements that reflect the motives, attitudes and lifestyles of people. The list of statements (over 200) covers almost all spheres of human activity.  Depending on the level of agreement with each statement, respondent falls into one of eight psychographic segments: Traditionalists, Survivors, Strivers, Mainstreamers, Careless, Innovators, Successful, or Achievers.

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