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20 March 2021
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07 March 2021


The MarketTrends report is aimed to quickly evaluate the current situation on the market. MarketTrends data will be useful for both companies entering the Ukrainian market, and companies which already have won their share.


Content of a report varies depending on product category, but, as usual, a standard report contains the following information:

  • consumer share of a product category (based on the question of consumption at least once in the last 3 months)
  • frequency and volume of consumption
  • consumer preferences by varieties / flavors / products
  • purchase (for the last 3 months)
  • purchase expenses
  • places of purchase
  • places of consumption
  • consumer share of main brands on the market

MarketTrends report is delivered in the form of presentation (in PDF format) and consists of 10-20 slides (depending on a product category and conditions of analysis) with graphs and comments. It is also possible to provide data in tables. Terms of delivery of a report with analysis of total Ukraine based on one period - 24 hours.

Consumers share of a product

Frequency of consumption of a product

Volume of consumption of a product

Types of a product consumed most often

Preferences for varieties/ formats of a product

Places of consumption

Purchase and places of purchase of a product

Consumption of product brands for the last 3 month

The data in the report can be represented as in general within Ukraine, as well as for each region in comparison with Ukraine in general


Database for each product category has been carried since 2003 what allows us to analyze all parameters in the dynamics by semesters and quarterly (as a customized report)


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