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20 March 2021
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07 March 2021

Customized Report

Do you need only piece of information from any of the reports? Are you interested in a different target audience, other consumer segment, a specific region of Ukraine, cross-consumption of your product category and any other? You want to analyze the data by quarter of a year, rather than by half of a year? Customized report based on COMCON Trends data perfectly suits specific tasks.

We also provide information about the population of Ukraine without reference to consumer markets. Do you want to know what consumer basket of Ukrainians consists of? Where do Ukrainians go for vacations? What is the share of Ukrainians who have summer residence in addition to the permanent residence? All this and even more is represented in COMCON Trends study. Please contact our managers for more information!

Our goal - is to provide you with only quality information that you really need. We do not charge extra for "individual approach". The price for the customized order depends only on the amount of information you are requesting, and may even be cheaper than the price of the full ready-to-use report.

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