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20 March 2021
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07 March 2021

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Continuous market research COMCONTrends™: (ex - U-TGI) - is a unique source of information on consumption, lifestyles and media preferences of the Ukrainian population.

This is a single source of information on:

  • the market situation, including the regional characteristics
  • brands positions regarding awareness, consumption and loyalty
  • socio-demographic and psychographic profile of consumers of different product categories, brands, types of products / services, media
  • media preferences of consumers

Benefits of COMCONTrends™ research:

  • Accurate and up-to-date information on all consumer markets and consumers of Ukraine in accordance with the high standards of TGI research data quality;
  • Quick order processing (the ability to obtain necessary information within 24 hours);
  • Flexible pricing and attractive loyalty programs;
  • Individual approach to each order - you get only the information that you need;0
  • Availability of market analysis in dynamics since 2003.


Who needs the COMCONTrends™ data?

► Manufacturers at different stages of making marketing solutions for the strategic planning of the company, for determining the positions of their own and competing brands, for brand building, or studying target groups

We will help to answer following questions:

  • What is the share of consumption/ usage of product category or service?
  • How often people consume/ use the product category or service? What is the quantity/ value?
  • What are the characteristics of consumption in the regions?
  • What are the dynamics of consumption of the product category?
  • What are the most demand products?
  • What are the most commonly consumed brands?
  • What are the major competitors of my brand?
  • What are the dynamics of consumption of the brand and its competitors?
  • What are the main differences and similarities of audience of my brand and brands of its competitors?
  • What media channels are the most suitable for communicating with an audience of brands?


 Businesses in wholesale and retail trade for the analysis of the current situation in the consumer markets in compiling of assortment of goods, when entering the market or expanding the network, to determine the purchase habits, identifying products that are in a stable demand

We will help to answer these questions:

  • Preferred places of purchase of food depending on the city (by the types of retail outlets).
  • Weekly expenses on food purchase
  • Awareness of retail chains
  • Frequency of food purchase
  • Level of activity in the consumption of a product or service
  • Major trends in the consumer segment
  • Trends of the major market participants
  • Level of income
  • Demographics
  • Find out which products are in a stable demand
  • What are the components of the consumer basket?
  • Which are the brands consumers prefer to buy?
  • What formats of trade are preferable for Ukrainians when purchasing food and non-food products?


► Advertising agencies, media planning and advertising agencies at the stage of development, planning and advertising placement, to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the choice of advertising media carriers

We will help to answer these questions:

  • What major customer segments can be distinguished among all brand consumers?
  • Are there any peculiarities in the behavior of different consumer segments and what are they?
  • How to deal with different segments in terms of advertising campaigns?
  • What are the features of the media preferences of the brand audience in contrast with the competitors? What can gain an advantage for you?
  • Which channels of communication should be used to promote a brand?
  • Which consumer groups should be focused on?
  • Which of the segments represent positioning of the brand best?

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