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20 March 2021
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07 March 2021

Participation in survey

Since 2003, over 150 000 people participated in the research of consumer preferences COMCONTrends in Ukraine! We appreciate and thank to each participant!

Anonymity and confidentiality of responses

We value the opinion of each participant in the survey and guarantee that all information received from you in the course of the research will remain strictly confidential. We comply with the International Code of Practice on marketing and sociological research ESOMAR and do not share any personal information to third parties.

Personal information such as address, phone number and name, are used exclusively by the representatives of our Company to communicate with the survey participant. Responses from the completed questionnaires are entered into the database together with the questionnaires of several thousands people, and are analyzed only in generalized form. The database does not contain any personal information, what means that while working with database research no one can know what answer is given by a specific person.

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